8 stunning ways to increase conversions

Marc Fabregas-Perez

Posted by Marc Fabregas-Perez on 31 May 2016 reading time

  • You may of already established the need to increase conversions on your website. Whether your goal is to increase sales, number of leads generated or even to reduce the amount of time you spend on individual content creation tasks, coming up with a plan to increase conversions is essential for success.

    For many of our clients and partners, the difficult task comes when deciding what actions (or set of actions) will contribute to achieving their marketing goals. In this article, we’ve outlined some surefire steps to help you find the conversion ladder.

  • 1. Build landing pages
    1. Build landing pages

    Landing pages provide the perfect opportunity to create a customised targeted layout and design to encourage your potential customers towards a given action. As landing pages can sit outside of the main structure of your website, it also allows you the benefit of creating keyword rich, user driven experiences that convert time after time.

    It’s essential to remember when optimising your landing page, makes more changes at a time to see what impact each change may have.

    From a search perspective, remember to include meta-information, images and work out relevant body content including your CTAs.

    As an example of landing page, see our digital marketing agency London landing page.

  • 2. Create powerful headlines
    2. Create powerful headlines

    A headline is typically the starting point when someone is viewing your webpage. Because of this, it’s essential that your headline encourages users to read further down the page.

    A good headline should be succinct and convey the message you aim to portray. It should have a great balance of both common and unusual words as well as encompass power terms and emotional keywords.

    We recommend building a content swipe file of great headlines you’ve seen in newspapers, blog articles and every other valuable resource. This will serve as a soundboard for validating your headline ideas and provide the inspiration for future content you create.

    You can also try out some free tools online for testing your headlines effectiveness. The headline analyzer from the team at CoSchedule is an awesome tool to achieve just this!

  • 3. Forms and data capture
    3. Forms and data capture

    Integrating forms as part of your content workflow is a cool way of getting buy-in from prospects and site visitors alike. It is the best approach to capture the data and start you on the path towards lead nurture.

    Using plug-ins and software to create and manage forms is great. Try out some plugins that might help you on that front. Gravity forms is a great third-party plug-in for WordPress that allows you to build a powerful forms with custom notifications and email routing. Its tie-in with other apps and software make it great in addition to any CRM workflow.

    When building forms, think about the data that you’d like to capture in order to qualify your leads from both a marketing and sales perspective. What is the minimum amount of data you require in order to follow-up with a lead? A phone number? An email or physical address? A combination of these?

  • 4. Are you being called to action?
    4. Are you being called to action?

    Creating a dedicated call to action on your webpage helps to promote precedence and a strong visual experience for users. Considering ideal locations within your web templates to place calls to actions is an important task.

    Whilst there is no hard and fast rule as to how a call to action should look, we’d encourage using a title, short description, image, icon and even a button to appeal to and engage your users.

    As with entire landing pages, testing your call to actions with small incremental changes is the best approach when trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

    Finding a tool to help you create professional calls-to-action can be difficult. As a default part of our gUI framework for WordPress, our clients can create multiple rich CTA’s that can be reused across many pages with just a single click.

  • 5. Use powerful imagery to enhance the visual journey
    5. Use powerful imagery to enhance the visual journey

    When it comes to content creation as part of your conversion process, many often overlook the importance of imagery. Especially where you are creating text heavy resources, the use of quirky and relevant imagery serves as a perfect conduit to keep users excited at each stage.

    If you’re struggling to produce your own graphics and photography, why not consider using stock libraries that are available online. You’ll often be able to find high quality images based on an exact keywords or abstract phrases. Check out Adobe Stock, ThinkStock or even free image libraries such as Freeimages.

  • 6. Mobile ready templates for users on the go
    6. Mobile ready templates for users on the go

    Our experience across multiple industries have seen conversion rates dip due to under optimised experiences on handheld devices. The fact is that over 40% of web traffic takes place on mobile devices.

    Google’s Mobile algorithm update in the second quarter of 2015 further solidified the stance that the mobile web is not only here to stay, but an equal part of the overall digital experience.

    Check your website statistics. What proportion of visits are coming from mobile and tablet devices? Does your web experience match these findings, or is mobile an afterthought crammed into the overall mix.

    Whether you use a dedicated template, a responsive or adaptive design, make sure you consider your users whether they are at home, in the office or on the go.

    A great plugin for achieving mobile ready experiences for your WordPress website is WP Touch Pro. With extensions to provide extensive mobile caching, Image optimisation for mobile devices and ability to build custom mobile themes and mobile specific content makes it a force to be reckoned with in the mobile world.

  • 7. 404 pages to direct traffic to the right places
    7. 404 pages to direct traffic to the right places

    One of the often forgotten pages within a website is the 404/page not found template. Did you know that this high traffic page can be used as a point of conversion? Many 404 pages fall short however, only offering basic links back to the homepage of the website.

    Dismissing your 404 page can be a vital mistake. Think about sensible, wide reaching calls-to-actions that you can place on this page. Could directing users to subscribe to your blog, or even offering a resource download via your 404 page serve as the perfect means to re-engage and convert lost visitors?

    Looking for a power example of a 404 page? Check out our 404 page.

  • 8. Analyse results
    8. Analyse results

    Measuring success and failure is essential on the path to digital conversion enlightenment.

    Don’t forget to use analytics software to get granular info on what’s working best on your landing pages. Software like Google Analytics will help you to identify engagement metrics, not just page views.

    You’ll garner insights about page loading times, keyword sources, incoming traffic from referrals, goals completed and a lot more!

  • Get started

    There’s a never ending rainbow of website conversion approaches and we hope that this article has got you thinking about some of these.

    Why not test out the tips and tricks in your next campaign? We’re sure the results should speak to themselves and would love to hear how it’s worked for you!

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Posted by Marc Fabregas-Perez
Marc Fabregas-Perez

Marc is our digital marketing manager here at Debunc. With a wealth of experience working on social campaigns, SEO + PPC, he is an expert at boosting brand awareness. In his downtime, you might catch Marc on the ski slopes or playing tennis.

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