Key digital marketing terms to help you on your journey.

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Above The Fold

The visible content on your screen or device that can be seen without having to scroll down. When discussing above the fold in email marketing, it refers to the visible portion of an email in the preview pane.

Ad Tracker

Sometimes referred to as ad effectiveness or post-testing, this discipline is a form of in-market research which seeks to discover how competitive a brand is in the areas of performance, perception, awareness via advertising, usage, trials etc.


Delivered by Google, this program services website publishers via an advertising placement portal. In use, it provides it gives end users the opportunity to show image, video and/or test advertisements with the end goal of generating revenue whenever site visitors engage with content (via views and clicks).


When an automatic reply is generated once an email enters the recipients inbox, this is an autoresponder.

In email marketing, these responses can be programmed to generate a series of follow up messages when a campaign is triggered.


This means business-to-business. It’s when a company sells its products and services to other businesses instead of consumers.


This means business-to-consumer. It’s when a company sells its products and services to consumers rather than other businesses.

Bookmarking (Social Bookmarking)

This is a means of organising content sourced via multiple web pages. It allows you to store all your online discoveries in a central platform, then apply ‘tags’ (labels) which can later be called up via a simple searches within your social bookmarking service providers environment.

In the digital marketing space, social bookmarking stands as a means to further advertise your business’s website by creating links to your individual pages. By applying this method, you increase the routes of having additional traffic being directed to you website.

Bounce Rate

Within analytics, this refers to the percentage of site visitors who leave your site after visiting only a single page within a fixed time.

CTA (Call-To-Action)

CTA refers to a call to action. In the marketing space, this simply means directing your viewers to content designed to invoke immediate engagement. Examples of this can be seen in instructions such as ‘click for more details, ‘buy within X hours and save 30%’ or ‘get started’.

Domain Names

The unique identity by which a website is named, for example the network address of ““. In this respect, any sub pages of this root can be pinpointed as belonging to this domain (e.g. or


This refers to both monetary or data transactions involving goods being bought or sold, via the internet or similar electronic networks. The participants of such actions could be either businesses or consumers, resulting in the following transaction types coming to light: B2C (business-to-consumer), B2B (business-to-business), C2B (consumer-to-business) and C2C (consumer-to-consumer).

Email Marketing

A practice implemented by marketers and companies alike, email marketing is a way of corresponding with a targeted group of individuals. It takes the approach of broadcasting various messages, in an attempt to build brand loyalty, acquire new customers, advertise new products, distribute promotional offers and an array of interrelated tasks.


Facebook is at current the world’s largest social network, delivering a free service where end users (whether individuals or businesses) upon registration are given the opportunity to build a profile, attach images and videos and use its messaging service as means to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. Alongside attributing ‘likes’ to viewed content, the service itself is delivered via both a website and mobile app.


Geotargeting is where content is tailored to viewers in different markets, based on where they’re geographically located. This in practice means that two viewers can be accessing the same domain, but different content appears due to their IP addresses. As both a geomarketing and internet marketing technique, geotargeting can serve a niche based on its recipients country, city, county, province, postcode, ISP alongside other set categories.

Hero (Hero Image)

In the world of web design, hero images serve as the large web banner that take prominence at the front and center of a webpage. Typically, website visitors will view this section first upon visiting a webpage. From this part of the sites ‘real estate’ they’ll then gain insight as to what content is of most significance.


An Infograpic is where graphics are applied as a means of presenting information, so that data can be easier digested at first glance. It serves as a great means of simplifying huge amounts of content, and when executed right gives space to show how an array fields correlate with each other.

Joint Venture

When two or more parties enter into an business agreement where resources are pooled for the purpose of delivering on a particular set of tasks.

Under such an arrangement each organisation retains its individual identity and is responsible for its own expenditure, profits and losses. They however come together in order to deliver services to a new market, benefit from a new series of skills, increase productivity, area coverage or business efficiency and/or tap into one another distributor networks to grow their respective company’s.


These are the terms that are used to describe your service offering. How they’re selected also assists with where and when an ad appears.

Since the keywords selected are used to display your ads, it’s important you select terms which are significant and of great quality. This is because it’ll ensure your ad is seen by persons of in interest, with a higher probability of converting into customers.

It’s key to note that for high ranking keyword terms, you may want to dedicate a degree of spend to ensure your targeted search engine provider (e.g. Google) allows you to appear in their paid search section. It should however be noted their are usually a designated number of spots, with top pickings going to the highest bidder.

As a marker, it is good to note that having well performing keywords associated with your site, will in turn boost the performance of your ads whilst reducing the amount paid. This will be as a result of higher conversions due to potentially an increased number of customers who’ll offset the costs paid to gain them. The opposite however rings true also, where bad performing keywords may potentially cause you to spend more whilst retaining low ad positions.

Landing Page

Put simple, landing pages are designated pages within your wider website that visitors to your either arrive at or stumble upon.

When contextualising its definition within the digital marketing space, the landing page is quite autonomous from a sites main webpage; opting for unique templates, designs and layouts accompanied by a centered goal.

As such, the landing page is ‘static’ in that it has no navigation to link back to it’s root site. This is because visitors are limited in action and confined to its goal, which is convert them into tangible business opportunities.

One of our best examples of this here at Debunc, is our minicabs landing page.

Mailing List

An amalgamation of various contacts whose names and addresses are stored for the purpose of sharing information, advertising and disseminating materials on an ongoing basis.

With its introduction into the digital space, electronic mailing lists (email list) is a means of achieving widespread information amongst online ‘subscribers’ who opt in to receive content.


A newsletter is content that’s typically centered around a single topic, which is regularly produced and sent onto a list of subscribers.

In the digital space, they are also lent the description of e-Newsletters where information is published online via email.

Organic Search

These are search results which obtain their position within a SERP (search engine results page) due to their relevance against the entered search. They are void of non-organic means of reaching a SERP, such as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

QR Code (Quick Response Code)

A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a two intentional code or a series of matrix barcode which can be detected by QR scanners. Although originally used to help track vehicles during their manufacture, there use has extended to the consumer advertising space.

A typical use case for a QR Code is where the code is scanned, then processed into a website URL the user is directed to. As a result of this action, the requirement to manually type in a website address is removed.

It must be also noted that some of the best uses of QR code in marketing include ads within mobile apps, greeting cards and the sending music tracks and playlists to friends.


An abbreviation for Rich Site Summary, RSS is a feed or channel which immediately updates visitors of new content featured within their favourite websites without having to visit the site itself.

Also referred to as Really Simple Syndication, RSS can keep their users updated on new blog posts, the latest news headlines, new audio and visual content. Alongside this, each record includes summarised text accompanied by data such as release date and details on the author.

Unique Visitors

This is a measurement of the amount of unique visitors to your site, who are tracked via their IP address.

Vertical Banner

When a banner ad measures at 120px x 240px, the IAB refer to this a banner ad. It should be noted that there are also other types of banner ad which exist, that are also represented as being vertical. An example of this can be found with skyscraper ads, which also borrow the description of being vertical ads, despite being much taller than they are wide.

Viral Marketing

A marketing method which involves increasing your brand awareness through individuals sharing content that promotes your service.

Due to the speed that these persons disseminate this info among their friends, it takes from the term virus and the way in which they rapidly spread.


This is a style of blog, which posts and publishes video content. Their popularity has grown with the further roll out of higher speed internet connections, which have accelerated the ability to watch events in real time.