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  • #DebuncTotD - Sales Saturday [24/9/2016]

    Don’t allow losing of a client or prospect get you down. Instead use the opportunity to learn from the experience – don’t be afraid to ask for feedback!

  • #DebuncTotD - Email Marketing Friday [23/9/2016]

    Did you know that using background images in your email isn’t always a winner?

    There is a number of reasons why, including:

    > Not all email clients support background image periods.
    > Background images can distract people’s attention from your core message.
    > Statistics show plain emails have amazing ratings in terms of clicks.

    Sometimes simplicity is powerful.

  • #DebuncTotD - SEO Thursday [22/9/2016]

    Search Engine Optimisation is not a quick fix, but a continually working progress where your activity needs to be aligned with ever shifting trends.

    Even if your time is limited, take a moment to check the meta descriptions and meta titles, url paths, body content and ALT attributes of your pages.

  • #DebuncTotD - WordPress Wednesday [21/9/2016]

    Did you know that updating a WordPress theme can make you lose customisation and functionalities previously created?

    A good approach is creating a site specific plugin. Simply put, it’s a custom plugin whereby you can add any custom builds or modifications. Unlike functions.php, this will remain in the next theme update.

    Hope you liked this!

  • #DebuncTotD - Tech Tuesday [20/9/2016]

    It may be a tad too early to say, but VR will probably help in expanding your businesses reach. Powerhouses like Deloitte are already predicting that VR is set to be a billion dollar niche.

    At a bare minimum, it’s worth thinking about how you might integrate VR into your operations?


  • #DebuncTotD - Creative Monday [19/9/2016]

    In Illustrator you can save much time with a shortcut that switches between the Selection or Direction Selection tool.

    Just press [ctrl] before clicking for Windows or [cmd] on Mac.

  • #DebuncTotD - Social Sunday [18/9/2016]

    Want to boost your website via social media?

    Dedicate set periods for promoting specific content types via both your website and social channels. By doing this, you reward your site visitors and followers with a different update at a set period.

    Debunc’s ‘Tip of the Day’ #DebuncToTD is a classic example of this, with:

    Creative Monday
    Tech Tuesday
    WordPress Wednesday
    SEO Thursday
    Email Marketing Friday
    Sales Saturday
    Social Sunday

    Everyday we share an amazing tip.

    Find what’s best for your business, when engaging with your audience 🙂

  • #DebuncTotD - Sales Saturday [17/9/2016]

    Always use yourself as a testing grounds for selling a product. Think about how you’d convince someone to buy into you and the solutions you can bring to their life challenges.

    Remember in harnessing what is a life skill, you’ll need to frequently challenge yourself and what you can accomplish.

  • #DebuncTotD - Email Marketing Friday [16/9/2016]

    Make sure you use noticeable text links and careful wording to arouse viewer interest when including a call to action in your email.

    By focussing on personal and emotional statements, you’ll increase the motivation to click.

  • #DebuncTotD - SEO Thursday [15/9/2016]

    Have you added a 404 page to your site to catch any visitors landing on dead pages?

    This prime bit of real estate can be used to help get them back on the right journey plus promote your offering and benefits.