Content localisation for European markets

Highjump Software
How does an international brand connect with its local community?

Our friends at HighJump Software gave us the task of supporting their branding in Europe by localising their content. We’re an adventurous bunch – the challenge was accepted, and the mission accomplished!

In Detail

  • The Problem

    Established Supply Chain Software vendor HighJump already had a strong brand image in the US with an ever growing customer base. It then had the challenge in 2008 of replicating these successful marketing efforts in Europe. They approached Debunc’s competent team of designers and copywriters to complete the tasks ahead.

  • The Solution

    With a real focus on copy and design for print, we kept the project simple. Our designers spent time comparing designs against competitors documents in the European market and thus, we were able to produce effective, targeted collateral based on existing documents and maintain global consistency.

What our client said

Chad Collins
Chad Collins

Debunc has helped HighJump Software create a targeted, localised presence as we expand operations into the European market.