VHB Selector

How does a leading diversified company simplify a very technical pitch?

To produce an intuitive product selector tool for 3M's VHB range Debunc dug deep drawing on their unique sector experience and knowledge. The result was a winning tool that unveiled bonding solutions.

Getting started

  • A winning combination

    For years now the partnership between Debunc and 3M has been a formidable force. One success after another, but this project required a new breed of solution. Confronted with the VHB picker we were engaged in a fairly technical project from the off.

  • Understanding the issues

    One big challenge that presented itself was how to simplify communications with users of the app for what was otherwise a tech/engineer lead sale. We produced an easy to navigate wizard interface that was on brand, engaging and converted visits into custom.

In action

  • A powerful web app

    This particular tool works by offering users several options to choose from; a combination of surfaces and temperatures. The answers given to these questions would ensure that the user would be given a clear idea of the optimum product to achieve a long term bonding solution. If no product matched the combination given then users were offered contact by a 3M rep

  • Great ROI from the start

    A strong emphasis of this project was data capture and lead nurture. As we have tracked 3M’s customer engagement of this tool since its launch there has been over £1m in generated opportunities raised from the tool, and this all within a few months of launch!

What next?
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