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  • #DebuncTotD - SEO Thursday [11/8/2016]

    Did you know that more than 65% of all web traffic comes from organic search results?

    Get busy on SEO! Consider every on and off page factor. But don’t focus on just one thing i.e. if you update your website with amazing content daily and you don’t work on syndicating your content could mean disaster.

  • #DebuncTotD - WordPress Wednesday [10/8/2016]

    Want to see the thumbnail image in your blog posts?

    the_post_thumbnail( $size, $attr ); is what you’re looking for.

    Plus, did you know that WordPress comes with default thumbnail image size?

    Replace $size with ‘thumbnail’, ‘medium’, ‘large’ or ‘full’. Alternatively, go to Settings > Media to change the default sizes.

  • #DebuncTotD - Tech Tuesday [9/8/2016]


    If you’re looking for a high performing animation library for your next web project, why not give velocity.js a try?

    It uses the same syntax as jQuery animate, so should be a breeze to pick up!

  • #DebuncTotD - Creative Monday [8/8/2016]

    Flat design is certainly in. But, if you want to be unique and really elevate your design, why not implement a texture into your work.

    There are many free and paid sources for great quality textures you can use, but why not get started with:




  • #DebuncTotD - Social Sunday [7/8/2016]

    Have you used Twitter Cards to engage your social contacts?

    Twitter Cards are perfect for promoted tweets and other advertised posts that allow you to present your tweets in a stylish way.

    There are 4 main types:

    1. Summary Card
    2. Summary Card with Large Image
    3. App Card
    4. Player Card
  • #DebuncTotD - Sales Saturday [6/8/2016]

    When in search of a digital agency to carry out your website build or other interrelated marketing activities, you should work towards having your brief validated.

    This will enable you to see which ideas will work versus those that won’t.

  • #DebuncTotD - Email Marketing Friday [5/8/2016]

    Are your email marketing campaigns delivering great results?

    Well, to know how good or bad they are, you might like to compare with real statistics.

    It can vary depending on your industry, but if we’re talking about open rate values, your stats should be between 19% and 25%. And if you’re interested in click-through rates (the well-known CTR), you should aim for 2%-3% on average.

    So, are your email campaigns performing well enough?

  • #DebuncTotD - SEO Thursday [4/8/2016]

    Wondering why your meta information isn’t being used in Google’s indexed results?

    Think to yourself – how relevant is my meta description and title in relation to the webpage? Could a snippet of text on the page be more appropriate?

    Relevant content for the win guys!

  • #DebuncTotD - WordPress Wednesday [3/8/2016]

    You probably know you need WordPress plugins to make your life easier, but maybe you don’t even know what’s best for you?

    This list contains most popular WordPress plugins. You’re likely to find something interesting here.

    As a rough example: Advanced Custom Fields, Duplicate Post, Yoast SEO or Akismet are plugins shown there.

    Look the full list ☛

  • #DebuncTotD - Tech Tuesday [2/8/2016]

    Like the look of an autoplaying, looping YouTube video on your webpage (quite cool, isn’t it)?

    To put this in place on your own site, just follow the simple URL structure below as the source of your iframe. Enjoy!