Tips & Tricks | Page 4

  • #DebuncTotD - Creative Monday [15/8/2016]

    Do you have a lot of open docs in Photoshop cluttering your workspace?

    Close them all at once by pressing shift and clicking any of the close icons!

  • #DebuncTotD - Sales Saturday [20/8/2016]


    Remember when pitching, that emotion is as (if not more) important than logic.

    Create a narrative that tells a story of where your customer is today and where they could, and most importantly, should be with the right solution and partner.

  • #DebuncTotD - Email Marketing Friday [19/8/2016]

    Did you know that there are a number of 3rd party programs that allow you integrate newsletter subscriptions to your Facebook page?

    Two market leading examples are MailChimp and GetResponse, both which enable you to pick up email subscribers via Facebook.

  • #DebuncTotD - SEO Thursday [18/8/2016]

    How clean is your URL structure?

    As you work out the path for pages and custom content, is there a logical route that your users can follow to know where they are and the path to get there from the home page?

    Where possible, your URL path should be almost breadcrumb like in nature.

  • #DebuncTotD - WordPress Wednesday [17/8/2016]

    Are you tired of cropping and resizing images so they’re adjusted for your blog posts?

    WordPress might have a fix for this.

    In the media section, change default sixes for thumbnails, medium and large sized images. Also, make sure that the larger images is the one that covers the width of your posts.

    Please note, that when you attach an images, it’s down to you to choose which one loads within a single click!

  • #DebuncTotD - Tech Tuesday [16/8/2016]

    Want to achieve fluid image widths in your CSS?

    Just apply ‘max-width:100%’ to each image you want it to take effect on. (Remember to use width:100% for older versions of Internet Explorer).

  • #DebuncTotD - Creative Monday [15/8/2016]

    Did you know that including videos in a landing page can increase conversions by 80%?

    In case your animation skills are not good enough, consider using animation video makers. i.e. or

    Have a #GreatMonday!

  • #DebuncTotD - Social Sunday [14/8/2016]


    Do you know people that specifically ask for a Retweet, receive 12 times higher retweet rates?

    That said, retweet @WeAreDebunc, please 🙂

  • #DebuncTotD - Sales Saturday [13/8/2016]

    As salespeople we’re all to familiar with prospects who plead with us for discounts. Be confident in what you’re providing, and sell based on value being brought to the table.

    Remember, having this at the heart of your negotiations, not only bolsters this skill but also highlights the true reason you’re a worthwhile investment.

  • #DebuncTotD - Email Marketing Friday [12/8/2016]

    Do not overlook the importance of the snippet and subject line in your email campaigns!

    First impressions count, and for many inboxes this is the first opportunity you’ll have (besides the from name) to encourage users to open your email and hopefully convert.