Tips & Tricks | Page 3

  • #DebuncTotD - Social Sunday [4/9/2016]

    Did you know that you can like a Facebook page via SMS?


    Get your mobile and text SMS to FBOOK (32665). In the text field type “like debunc”, before pressing send.


  • #DebuncTotD - Sales Saturday [3/9/2016]

    When you are able to share both good and bad stories with prospects, it helps to build a layer of trust.

    If a potential buyer likes what they’re being told, their is an increased likelihood they’ll buy into your offering.

  • #DebuncTotD - Email Marketing Friday [2/9/2016]

    When sending emails on behalf of your company, try and personalise things a bit. Use a member of staff’s name and the company as part of your ‘from field’.

    You may see campaigns from us show up as ‘Marc from Debunc’ as an example.

  • #DebuncTotD - SEO Thursday [1/9/2016]

    Try to avoid text in your urls and titles that uses either stop words or terms that don’t bring much value to your SEO.

    Key indicators of this are words such as: a, and, if, or, the, etc.

  • #DebuncTotD - WordPress Wednesday [24/8/2016]

    Do you want to see the thumbnail image in your blog posts?

    If yes, what you’re looking for is: the_post_thumbnail( $size, $attr )

    Also, did you know that WordPress comes with a default thumbnail image size?

    Replace $size with ‘thumbnail’, ‘medium’, ‘large’ or ‘full’ or go to Settings > Media to change the default sizes.

  • #DebuncTotD - Creative Monday [29/8/2016]

    Do you want to unlock your layers in Adobe Illustrator with just one click?

    Use Ctrl+Alt+2 for Windows or Cmd+Option+2 for Mac and unlock previously locked layers all at once.

  • #DebuncTotD - Email Marketing Friday [26/8/2016]

    Are your email templates mobile ready?

    A quick look over your send statistics should give you and idea of how many subscribers are using mobiles to consume your email data.

    Remember, any links you include in your campaign should ideally have a mobile friendly version too – this way you’ll ensure that the conversion path is not dead in the water!

  • #DebuncTotD - SEO Thursday [25/8/2016]

    Do you have a target page created for each of your primary keywords?

    If you don’t, get on in straight away! Not only will it help to increase traffic through improved rankings, but also optimise conversions as a result of relevant campaigns.

  • #DebuncTotD - WordPress Wednesday [24/8/2016]

    WordPress not allowing you to upload your larger files and media due to size limitations?

    Add wp_max_upload_size(); to your WP config file. You’ll just need to set the size in bytes for the largest file sizes you’d like to upload!

  • #DebuncTotD - Tech Tuesday [23/8/2016]


    Looking to apply simple sliders to your web forms?

    Use <input type=”range”> as a sensible HTML5 approach. You can define min, max and step attributes as well, so tailor this input to your exact needs!