So, what's a PDW anywyay?

Throughout your web project, there are many stages that benefit from proper planning. The small investment of time and resource at this end of the spectrum pays dividends time and time again during and after your site launch.

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What you'll discover
  • 1. Formula for success

    View the steps of activity we take for every web project. Our formula for success gets you from idea to execution and beyond.

  • 2. Knowing your users

    Your customers are the core of your business success. Identifying their types will make you effective in how you approach them.

  • 3. Prioritising your goals

    Working out short and long term goals for your business will help to pave a roadmap that will deliver value for years to come.

  • 4. Defining your brand

    Help to define the values that make up your brand. Equal to your visual identity is the tone of voice you portray to your customers.

  • 5. The outcomes

    Learn about the tangible workshop outcomes that will help you get your project live, quicker and more cost effectively.

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