16 power stats to get email marketing buy-in

For companies looking to build meaningful conversations with their marketplace, solid email strategy is so much more than just recommendation. In this eBook we outline some of the leading statistics that will help to justify your email marketing position.

What you'll discover
  • 1. Marketer insights

    People on the business end of email marketing have a genuine idea about what works and what doesn’t. Hear their thoughts!

  • 2. Lead generation + nurture

    How do you find the right calibre of lead at the right time? And what do you do to support them on their decision making journey?

  • 3. Open + clickthrough rates

    Finding the formula for getting past the inbox of your leads is essential. Discover everything from subject lines to CTA's.

  • 4. Return on investment (ROI)

    Tangible value is often the only KPI that your team will be interested in. Do you track results of lead values, business generated and more?

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