These are the terms that are used to describe your service offering. How they’re selected also assists with where and when an ad appears.

Since the keywords selected are used to display your ads, it’s important you select terms which are significant and of great quality. This is because it’ll ensure your ad is seen by persons of in interest, with a higher probability of converting into customers.

It’s key to note that for high ranking keyword terms, you may want to dedicate a degree of spend to ensure your targeted search engine provider (e.g. Google) allows you to appear in their paid search section. It should however be noted their are usually a designated number of spots, with top pickings going to the highest bidder.

As a marker, it is good to note that having well performing keywords associated with your site, will in turn boost the performance of your ads whilst reducing the amount paid. This will be as a result of higher conversions due to potentially an increased number of customers who’ll offset the costs paid to gain them. The opposite however rings true also, where bad performing keywords may potentially cause you to spend more whilst retaining low ad positions.

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