I want to pull more traffic to my website

As do most businesses!

It can be difficult working out a strategy to get more people clicking to your web pages. Let’s explore some sure-fire ways to increase the number of web visits every month.

In brief

  • Make your site great for humans
  • Make your site great for search engines
  • Produce great ToFu content to attract visits
  • Extend your content reach with a social strategy
  • Frequent flow of human readable content
    Frequent flow of human readable content

    The first step towards pulling in more web traffic is well known yet often overlooked. You need to produce unique, creative and engaging content regularly. Work towards producing a mix of content from blog articles to infographics and even video to keep your audience interested. We often hear that the difficult step is coming up with content ideas that are fresh and relate to your business strengths. Our content ideation toolkit is a great way to get started on this journey!

  • Build pages that search engines will love
    Build pages that search engines will love

    Working on the step above, you’ll already be part of the way towards having on-page optimisation covered. It’s just as important to think about whats happening behind the scenes on your web page too.

    Make sure you’ve consider a great meta title, description and placement of your heading tags. Also, remember to include alt tags and titles for your on-page images. Our gUI platform automates this step so you can focus on writing quality content.

  • Socialise to build momentum
    Socialise to build momentum

    It’s true in the real world, and the same applies online. Distributing your content on the right social networks at the right time will exponentially increase your reach with a community of followers who are looking for exactly what you offer.

    Getting the right frequency of messages can be a challenge, but forward planning will help to make this process easier.

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