I need a new website

If you’re here, you’ve probably realised the need for a new website, or at least a revamp – congrats!

There are many reasons for starting on this path, including the desire to improve engagement and making your website inline with your brand. Once you’re here, you might be asking wondering how to choose the right type of site.

In brief

  • Make sure your site uses a CMS
  • Find the right CMS to match your business goals
  • Consider a tailored mobile experience
  • Think about your lead generation strategy
  • Develop your content marketing plan
  • Plan before you execute
    Plan before you execute

    We often hear from clients and prospects alike about the pitfalls of rushing into creating their new sites and paying the price later on when having to rethink features and design. Taking the time to map the site architecture and desired user behaviour is a must for the savvy marketer.

    Our product definition workshop serves as the perfect approach to validate your ideas before you kickstart your web project.

  • Make your site fun and easy to manage
    Make your site fun and easy to manage

    If your site is going to be the content powerhouse it deserves to be, you’ll need to ensure its simple for you and your marketing team to create and update all types of content.

    There are a number of platforms to help achieve this (we unashamedly recommend WordPress with our leading framework gUI), but whatever you decide, make sure you can at a minimum build new pages, blog posts and manage contact forms.

  • Consider users at home, in the office or on the go
    Consider users at home, in the office or on the go

    A mobile experience is essential today. Google’s algorithm change in April 2015 really solidified this point.

    Deciding whether to go down a responsive route, or building a tailored mobile experience can be a difficult and confusing choice.

  • Make SEO a primary concern
    Make SEO a primary concern

    Having a site with all the bells and whistles is a pointless exercise if you can’t drive traffic to it. Make sure search engines can read your new site.

    Coupled with a great content strategy, you’ll see results quickly in the form of increased visits to your website.

  • Track everything, and track it well
    Track everything, and track it well

    Knowing what works well (and what doesn’t) is the only way you’ll improve the quality of conversions on your website. Using tools like Google Analytics is the starting point of metrics success.

    Make sure you’ve set up your site in way that you’ll know what’s happening and how to adjust if things aren’t working as expected.

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