Website design + brand creation

London City Life Church
How do you connect a local church with its community?

We've worked with the leadership team and LCL Church to embrace digital as a platform to promote the gospel, and reach the local community.

A church in need of digital help

  • An inconsistent identity

    London City Life suffered from an inconsistent identity across its marketing channels. They were in need of an agency to help unite these design elements across the web and offline collateral. As always, we were happy to oblige! Our team focussed on executing a brand workshop with the key stakeholders at London City LIfe to define the values of the brand and its community. The outcome? A thorough visual identity that consisted of logo, colour palettes, iconography and more!

  • Bridging the digital gap

    Working with as multi-faceted an organisation as a church isn’t easy, and strong communication is the key to success. We provided a hub that ensured data could be submitted for approval and published quickly, preventing disjointed communication within the team and getting changes to production quickly. We then set to split management responsibilities over various ministries (i.e design, media teams and administrators) so that the correct people were able to make adjustments to content with ease and convenience.

  • Fragmented communication

    Working with an organisation as diverse as a Church has its complications, Strong lateral communications is the key. We provided London City Life with a hub that meant data could be submitted for approval and published quickly, this ensured that communication within the organisation was fluid, Every department gaining access to what mattered to them.

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Faith questions answered!

  • Slick solutions for web based problems

    Our thorough redesign process ensured that the site would be easy to administer. For London City Life, it was important that their departments, ministries, events and sermons could be easily accessed for both team internally and end customers too. The CMS gave individuals the ability to make adjustments to text, visuals and meta information with ease and convenience.

  • Intelligent branding workshop

    As with all our clients, we took London City Life through our masterful product definition workshop. This exhaustive process ensured that they were able to clearly identify their brand values. It also helped them to establish user personas, and put a finger on what their business priorities were.