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Posted by Debunc Team on 08 Sep 2016 reading time

  • In today’s super-savvy society, personalising content and web experiences are a must for most businesses. Yet, the barrier to implementing this causes too many companies to shy away, and leaves others in a position of manually creating content.

    These inefficient approaches are (in our humble opinion), mostly due to a lack of understanding about how to get location specific content generated.

    We’ve outlined the 2 leading tools to get you started on your journey if you’re a WordPress user.

  • GeoIP by WP Engine
    GeoIP by WP Engine

    The rock stars over at WP Engine provide a great tool for managing  geography specific content. With a simple shortcode structure, you can either print the users current location or load any content if a certain location is the current one.

    Coupled with WP Engine’s EverCache technology, you can rest assured that blazing fast versions of these dynamic pages will load for users, wherever they may be based!

    You can see this plugin in action over with one of our favourite media clients, SteelBook, where they use this awesome feature set to share the most relevant where to buy options based on the user’s location.

    Please note for this plugin to work you’ll need to fall into one of the following categories:

    • have a WordPress site powered with gUI by Debunc
    • be a WP Engine customer on a Business, Premium or Enterprise level plan
    • have an entry-level understanding of PHP or using shortcodes
    • if you’re a WP Engine customer, you’ll need to contact them to let them know how granular the location needs to be (country or city)
  • Want a demo of gUI?

    Our enterprise plugin + framework makes WordPress do more for your business.

    Book a demo
  • Locations by gUI
    Locations by gUI

    Our team at Debunc pride themselves on helping to make WordPress a viable large business and enterprise CMS contender. All of our clients already benefit from our leading platform, gUI which boasts a range of feature from CTA + Form management to events, FAQ’s and CRM out the box.

    We’ve recently introduced Locations, a power plugin that allows you to set up your areas of business coverage in a few clicks. From this, both maps of coverage can be created as well as dynamically creating variations.

    The dynamic pages are fully indexable by Google and other search engines, plus a sitemap is automatically generated for each location specific page.

    To see this feature set, why not head over to The CM Group? The team use Locations to show the breadth of coverage for their industry leading property maintenance services.

  • Rounding up

    We’ve found that the above combination of plugins has helped many of our clients to be more efficient when creating content and has spurred ideas for features that allow sites to convert like never before.

    How are you going about managing your content personalisation by geography? Still using a manual approach of creating multiple pages? Have another plugin, extension or 3rd party service you’d like to mention? Reach out in the comments below – we’d love for you to join the discussion!

    Would you like support with integrating location personalisation on your site? Or would you like a demo of gUI and the features mentioned above? Why not book a demo with a member of our team today?

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Posted by Debunc Team
Debunc Team

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