5 power plugins that will make WordPress sing

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Posted by Debunc Team on 23 Aug 2016 reading time

  • With over 46,000 plugins available in the marketplace (and more elsewhere), it’s no wonder that WordPress is the most popular content management system.

    Being open-source and having a large following comes with its caveats however. There is a lot of plugin duplication (offering the same features across many plugins) and you often find out too late about the quality of a plugin and its impact on your own site.

    Don’t let this deter you – choosing the right plugin combinations will turn your simple site into a web powerhouse that can be the source of lead generation and conversion and a genuine asset to your business.

    Let’s take a look at some great plugins that you can use to make your WP site sing!

  • Woocommerce

    15m users can’t be wrong when they choose WooCommerce as their shopping cart and eCommerce solution for WordPress. The free plugin was taken over by Automattic (the guys behind WP) in 2015.

    It kicks ass cos’

    There’s an entire library of 3rd Party Integrations for WooCommerce that make it the only eCommerce option you should consider. From shipping to invoicing to accounting software, they have it in hand.

  • WP All Import / WP All Export
    WP All Import / WP All Export

    Frequent bulk publishing is a very real use case for the companies we work with. WP All Import / WP All Export provides the tools to allow you to create + update content from an XML or CSV file.

    It kicks ass cos’

     The near fool-proof approach makes these plugins a force to be reckoned with. A drag-and-drop interface allows you to match data to WP fields and you can even schedule content updates for each day, week or custom period.
  • CoSchedule

    When it comes to content ideation, curation & publishing, not many plugins that compare to CoSchedule. It provides a calendar to get an overview of content and allows you to split tasks across users.

    It kicks ass cos’

    You can link CoSchedule to existing WP Accounts and it integrates with your social networks in just a few clicks. Being able to manage the CoSchedule App outside of WordPress doesn’t hurt either!

  • Admin Menu Editor Pro
    Admin Menu Editor Pro

    Whilst WP has an awesome admin design, the menu can become cluttered very quickly with each plugin you activate. Enter Admin Menu Editor Pro, the go-to tool for admin menu organisation.

    It kicks ass cos’

    It does so much more than just reorganise your menu. Admin Menu Editor Pro allows you to adjust the menu by user role so that each person accessing your site sees the options relevant to them only.

  • Custom Post Type Ui
    Custom Post Type Ui

    If you’re looking to manage more than pages, posts, categories and tags then CPT UI is the plugin for you. With an easy-to-use interface,you’ll be managing custom content types in seconds.

    It kicks ass cos’

    Integration options and ease of use make this the no.1 WP Form plugin. Integrate with PayPal, external CRMs, MailChimp or 100’s of other 3rd party plugins.

  • Get downloading

    We hope you’ve enjoyed our first 5 picks, and you can look forward to part 2 of our ultimate WP plugin list.

    Are there any plugins that you think stand out in the crowd? Let us know in the comments below!

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Posted by Debunc Team
Debunc Team

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