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Marc Fabregas-Perez

Posted by Marc Fabregas-Perez on 04 May 2016 reading time

  • As an agile WordPress agency, we often evaluate the various software on the market to improve the workflows of both ourselves and our clients. When it comes to this area of business, many factors come into play, including price, ease of adoption and the ability to integrate with third-party tools.

    Our most recent searches put us in line with a content curation and creation software, CoSchedule. Boasting feature sets that would be difficult to find in a single solution, we were impressed off the bat. We create a range of content formats to service top, middle and bottom of funnel requirements – CoSchedule did not disappoint with the ability to create content ideas from any content type available in our WordPress install.

  • What is CoSchedule
    What is CoSchedule

    CoSchedule promotes itself as an all round tool for content ideation, creation and distribution. From creating drafts of articles (or any other content type), to having the post scheduled to publish in WordPress, through to social sharing and scheduling options, it does seem like the full package. With plans to suit individuals, small businesses and even large company needs most users would be spoilt for choice.

    Let’s dive into some of the feature set.

  • Calendar View
    Calendar View

    CoShedule provides a user-friendly calendar form to display this information. These insights are good because they can track what people is doing and prevent us from creating duplicate content. Plus, the feature where you can see, blog post statistics. That allows you to understand the posts that work the best, and also how our audience is interacting to individual posts. You might think that via Google analytics you can see this information as well, but CoSchedule present that in a very user-friendly way and is available within one single click!

  • Headline Analyzer
    Headline Analyzer

    Creating powerful headlines is difficult enough at the best of times. Trying to be succinct, witty, emotive and popular without plagiarism can feel like an uphill battle. Enter CoSchedule’s headline analyser. This powerful tool allows users to test the headlines and receive a detailed report on what can be improved to achieve a jaw-dropping response. Small tweaks can then be applied to titles to reduce word count without impact on overall effectiveness.

  • Social Sheduling
    Social Sheduling

    Almost every platform we use offers a degree of social integration for various purposes, including content sharing and scheduling.

    The ability to plan social content in relation to a publish date really sets a standard. For example, sending out a Facebook teaser 2 days before an article goes live is a great way to build buzz and help inform users of upcoming content.

    Sharing this same post across all platforms on launch day then helps to maximise reach.

    From there, setting social posts to go out weeks or months after the original publish date is a great way to make sure evergreen content is remembered and easily accessible.

    When it comes to tying social media interactions into an inbound marketing calendar, this platform certainly checks all boxes.

  • WordPress Integration
    WordPress Integration

    Being a WordPress agency, coming across tools that integrate with our CMS of choice is always a plus. Being able to assign CoSchedule users to WordPress authors within an install is a feature set that’s saves time and reduces overall resource costs.

    In addition, for more complex WordPress setups, you can create content based on any post type. We’ve found this especially useful for creating and managing new landing pages, resources and regularly scheduled content like our tips and tricks section.

  • Closing thoughts

    From our experience with CoSchedule to date, we find it an invaluable tool to have in our arsenal. We’ve seen savings in the time it takes to create great content, and a shift in our culture to content ideation.

    We’re considering producing a small demo of how we’re using CoSchedule in our own workflow as an agency. Why not leave your thoughts in the comments section to help shape what you’d like to see?

    If you are interested in getting the power suite for yourselves, you can use the link below. Full disclosure, it is an affiliate link, so if you’d prefer to get the SaaS direct, just visit CoSchedule’s website or search ‘CoSchedule’ on Google.

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Posted by Marc Fabregas-Perez
Marc Fabregas-Perez

Marc is our digital marketing manager here at Debunc. With a wealth of experience working on social campaigns, SEO + PPC, he is an expert at boosting brand awareness. In his downtime, you might catch Marc on the ski slopes or playing tennis.

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