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Simeon Stanford

Posted by Simeon Stanford on 21 Mar 2016 reading time

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    Today, we went live with an upbeat, refreshing and all round inspiring new blogging platform for Tefal UK.

    Bringing unique design tied into our proprietary WordPress powered backend (gUI), our team successfully delivered an enriching user experience for the much loved innovator of home and kitchen appliances.

    The new blog offers tailored experiences for users on desktops and mobiles, and will serve as a hub for content marketing delivery for the Tefal team.

  • Working closely with Tefal’s marketing team, we were briefed with the task of delivering a speedy content creation tool that delivered on the values of simplicity and innovation. Adhering to brand guidelines, we were also able to introduce strong article taxonomies, allowing for posts to be grouped by tags, categories and our bespoke relations system for content matching.

  • It's been fantastic working with a client who mirrors our ambition for creativity and delivering an end product that ticks all the boxes. We're looking forward to seeing increased metrics across-the-board from decreased bounce rates to boosts in CTA interactions.
    Simeon Stanford, Commercial Director @ Debunc
  • Calling users to action
    Calling users to action

    Our in built CTA management tools were the perfect method for the Tefal team to contextually point users to the right content and products based on article themes.

    Going a step beyond simple images and links, our platform allows the content marketing team to create rich calls-to-action that are easily updatable and output at various sizes dependent on location.

  • Catering to users on the go

    Meeting the needs of users on handheld devices meant more than just responsive templates. We gave an enhanced end user experience via mobile specific templates.

    Our execution team spent time looking at trends for mobile blogs both in the industry and across the wider gamut of available web examples. Features created included:

    • content filtering via ‘simple to use’ radio buttons
    • a dynamic mobile site menu
    • image resizing and caching for small factor devices
  • Enhanced Analytics

    Creating an awesome user experience is one thing. Tracking what works (and what doesn’t) to make the journey better is where the real value lies.

    As such, we’ve integrated custom dimension and content groupings for all articles dynamically, enabling the Tefal team to get an idea as to what article categories and types generate the highest interest, engagement and conversion.

  • Check it out!

    The new blog is now live and kicking at – check it out!

    We’d love your thoughts and feedback on this project, so if you’re a budding marketer at a leading brand, or even managing your company’s blog as part of a larger set of activity, it would be great to share your respective experiences of how you’re using your using content as part of your respective ongoing marketing strategies.

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Posted by Simeon Stanford
Simeon Stanford

Simeon heads up New Business + Accounts at Debunc. His sales experience across business intelligence, data and digital make him a force to be reckoned with. Away from managing accounts, he's a both a globetrotter and a gooner!

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