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Posted by Debunc Team on 13 Apr 2015 reading time

  • An SaaS offering

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) at Debunc. Drumroll, please! Our big reveal is… gUI xPress Ads. This new liberating and empowering tool for our customers has been perfected by our team and we are convinced it is the perfect way for companies to introduce special offers, distributor branding and product launches in house.

    With a simple-to-use interface, this service allows you to generate ads for product promotion; it is “the” solution for product launches, price discounts and everything in-between.

    So what can you expect from xPress Ads? Importantly, you can expect ease of use. The advert that you generate can be placed anywhere on your site or the site of a third party and your ads can be updated in real-time. You can be sure that our unique software will look after the tracking and reporting of ad views and clicks all day, every day showing you the value that these ads will bring.

    We believe that gUI xPress Ads answers a wide range questions that many companies in both b2b and b2c markets have sought answers to.

    What we have created really simplifies what would be an otherwise complicated task. The beauty of this service is that it can be retro fitted into your existing website.

    This powerful tool has already been proven with some of our leading corporate clients including 3M Electronics and Energy division. With xPress Ads you can create your own advert based on existing templates or even create adaptable templates of your own. These adverts can then be rolled out rapidly by your team for review, and published to any site that you choose, increasing your brand opportunity and sales potential!

    This software is dynamite! Get in touch with us, to find out more about how it can help you, or request a demo, we would be happy to spend some time with you taking you through it.

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Posted by Debunc Team
Debunc Team

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