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Posted by Debunc Team on 28 Oct 2014 reading time

  • Content Marketing: The key to success.
    Content Marketing: The key to success.

    Creating unique and engaging content for your website can be difficult at the best of times. Often, marketers struggle trying to deliver the right message at the right time.

    In this article, we’ll share with you some useful tips and tricks to generate website content that matters, content that informs and converts. We’ve named the process CHEAP; creative, helpful, educational, actionable and persuasive.

  • Creative

    Content that is both creative and unique content is a must. Many Google algorithm changes have placed increasing emphasis on the importance of being creative with use of text and rich content.

    Less is more so start to make your content work for you in a smart way! Start by building on a simple concept (take this article as case in point) and build on it. If you feel like you have too much, then start to work in reverse and remove the least valuable copy.

    Remember, sometimes it pays to be as consistent as you are creative. Don’t be afraid to search the web for inspiration and ideas to help take your content to the next level.

  • Helpful

    Focus on writing helpful content for your visitors first, not your value proposition. Useful information will spread like wildfire and your users expect to see useful content like tips and tricks that add value to their journey.

    Giving your audience something of value for free will help to build trust and nurture your visitors into actual custom.

    Be pragmatic – analyse your audience, find their specific needs and focus your content on solutions to both common and rare issues. You may even find the content you create helpful in your sales cycle.

    The end game is to make your users happy, and increase traction to your website.

  • Educational

    Educational content is a priority in the CHEAP approach. It is all about referencing your work. The internet is a vast place and it is actually helpful for people to know where your draw your inspiration from.

    So, if you’ve found a great article which inspires you to write your own – tell your readers. If you don’t, the likelihood of them stumbling upon that information is infinitesimally small!

    We’d also encourage you to add relevant quotes, and even consider partnering with guest bloggers. Working with other experts in your field will only have positive results for both you and your audience.

  • Actionable

    Effective content always gives users the opportunity to respond. If people are actually challenged to do something as the result of reading your content then they are still thinking about your post long after they close their browser. This increases the chances of them returning to your site, sharing your post, or talking about the content with a colleague over lunch.

    As you make your content actionable it is important to think through the sequence of events involved in response. Is your call to action time bound, or can your users measure the results of the suggestions you have made? If they can then you are on to a winner!

    If you genuinely pay careful attention to your articles and make them actionable in this way. They will arouse interest and motivate curiosity from your visitors.

  • Persuasive

    At Debunc, we have found that great content influences people. If what we write helps our existing and future clients to literally form their opinions on the creative and digital world, then our business will inevitably flourish. The truth is, that is why we continue to grow!

    Content needs to be persuasive, full stop! This means that while your site will have helpful information available, it is so much more than an information store!

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Posted by Debunc Team
Debunc Team

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