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Posted by Debunc Team on 18 Feb 2009 reading time

  • Logos can be extremely important to any business, whether big or small. The graphic design should not only help to establish a visual identity for your company, but be relevant and memorable in the eyes of your target audience. Getting the balance between fancy design and one that is fit for purpose is often a struggle for companies developing a brand a logo.

    Some quick-fire tips on effective logo creation are:

    • Simplicity. The most effective logos are usually simple designs and shapes, as an example, Nike or McDonald’s logos. Designs like these are easily remembered and even as a brand evolves, it base shapes and construct can be recognised.
    • Scalability. A good logo design should work well across all media, so that whether the logo is printed on a 10 sq ft board, or a small business card, no quality or clarity is lost. To achieve this, you should always make sure your logo is designed, saved and supplied to you in a vector format (ask your design agency about this!).
    • Colour. Making sure the colours used in your logo represent your brand values and business ethos is a great way of extending your brand into a visual identity. Also making sure that your logo is still recognisable when printed monochrome (single colour) is important as we cannot always control where our logo is placed. A great read on colour psychology for branding can be found here (courtesy of June Campbell and brandingstrategyinsider.com).
    • Sustainability. Making sure your logo design is sustainable over time is often a difficult process. As mentioned above designs that are simple are often easier to adapt and evolve without losing memorable aspects.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed, thanks.

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Posted by Debunc Team
Debunc Team

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